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A visit to Hans Christian Andersen’s House is a surprising and fascinating journey into the author’s creative universe – and his world-famous fairy tales. Beauty merges with imagination at the museum, where world-class architecture and spaces bring nature indoors, and provoke us to turn things on their head and speculate about today and tomorrow.

Via sound, light, space and scenery designed in collaboration with 12 international artists, in this innovative exhibition, we experience Andersen and his works speak to us. Our imagination is our only compass. We each create our own adventure!

Once upon a time…

Into the fairy-tale universe

As a visitor, your will experience a fairy-tale universe that is physically deep underground and encapsulated deep in your mind.

From the moment you step into the building, the exhibition whisks you farther away from the familiar and ever deeper into Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, where everything we believe we recognise shows us new sides of itself. On this journey, you will find that the architecture weaves with its magical gardens – to create an unique experience, borne on the wings of unprecedented creative genius and humour.

Every aspect of Hans Christian Andersen’s House has a story to tell – and you are part of that story.

A magical experience that awakens every one of your senses – where you never quite know what to expect.

H.C. Andersen’s Odense has so much to tell

Your ticket also gives you access to …

H.C Andersen’s Childhood Home

From the age of two until he was 14, Andersen grew up in a small house in Munkemøllestræde. Today this childhood home has been converted into a museum with a poetic garden full of plants that feature in his many fairytales.

In H.C. Andersen’s footsteps

Walk round the city centre in the footsteps (size 47) of the writer and see a host of buildings and places that look as they did when Andersen grew up in Odense. They take you round the city to 13 locations that were of crucial importance in the writer’s oeuvre.

Download the app USEEUM, and find the detailed description of the route.


With a ticket to Hans Christian Andersen’s House you can get a 50% discount on your ticket to Møntergården or The Funen Village within 8 days from your visit in Hans Christian Andersen’s House.

Møntergården offers a wealth of exciting experiences. You will learn much more about the history of Odense and Funen.

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